Kijang Innova Car

Kijang Innova
Harga Kijang Innova

Short description of Kijang Innova car:
Kijang Innova Type E
Kijang Innova Type E appears not only stylish and powerful, but also makes you and your family comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

Kijang Innova Type G
Driving more comfortable and safe with Kijang Innova Type G, make each trip your family is always impressive.

Kijang Innova Type V
Kijang Innova Type V appears more complete, more luxurious, more comfortable and more secure for you and your family.

Kijang Innova Type J
Grade A Kijang Innova comes with a more affordable price to establish the position of Kijang Innova as a family vehicle that most understand the needs of Indonesian families

Options color Kijang Innova Car 
mobil kijang innova black mica 
kijang innova black mica
mobil kijang innova Blue Metallic 
kijang innova Blue Metallic
Mobil kijang innova Grayish Brown Metallic
kijang innova Grayish Brown Metallic
mobil kijang innova grey mica metalic 
kijang innova grey mica metalic
Mobil kijang innova Light Blue Mica Metallic 
kijang innova Light Blue Mica Metallic
Mobil kijang innova silver metalic 
kijang innova silver metalic
Mobil kijang innova white 
kijang innova white
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